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Monday, 30 December 2013

CASE 228: Thyroid Toxicosis Periodic Paralysis, Dr PHAN THANH HẢI. MEDIC MEDICAL CENTER, HCMC, VIETNAM

Thyroid Toxicosis Periodic  Paralysis
Man 47 yo,  3 times  paralysis  at  get up in the  morning, he  came to hospital  for  emergency  perfusion  potassium and to  MEDIC  for check- up.
Ultrasound  of abdomen  no abnormal  detected,  no adrenal tumor, but  ultrasound  of thyroid gland is black , CDI hypervasular , typical of  hyperthyroidis .and  soft  with  elastoscan.

Blood test are very low TSH  , high T3, T4, TPO.
EMG was signal of  hypokalemia.

This case is TpP. Medical treatment of anti thyroidism  is requested.


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